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On behalf of the Seoul Power Electronics Center (SPEC) in Seoul National University, it is a great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Center. The Center has been established in 2011 with the integration of 3 laboratories, including the Power Electronics Systems Laboratory (Prof. Cho), and the Power Electronics Laboratory (Prof. Sul), and Prof. Ha’s Laboratory. SPEC provides opportunities for engineers and students who have interest in practical power electronics.

We are pleased to have you join us at SPEC to learn more about power electronics.

  • Overview

SPEC is a power electronics specialized research center located on the main campus of Seoul National University. As of 2011, 15 Ph.D students and 19 Masters students are pursuing their research goals under the guidance of Prof. Bo-Hyung Cho, Prof. Seung-Ki Sul and Prof. Jung-Ik Ha. Various aspects of power electronics including DC-AC inverters and DC-DC converters are being covered at SPEC. Most of the research results are published via international conferences and journals, and are implemented in products by collaboration with industrial partners.

SPEC has and will continuously thrive to lead the world in power electronics

  • Mission

SPEC has been aimed for application-oriented research throughout power electronics. Theoretical analysis and simulated design are just stepping stones to highly implementable hardware, as SPEC’s determination in pursuit of refined perfection is enough to let the results to be used directly in industrial applications.

Consequently, SPEC has built strong relationships with the industry’s top-tier performers, developing technology for company needs and proposing cutting-edge ideas, helping to set the trend in power electronics.

  • History

1979 is a milestone for power electronics in Korea, as Prof. Min-Ho Park founded the first power electronics laboratory at Seoul National University. Currently serving as an honorary professor, Dr. Park has lectured at Seoul National University until 1989, having 14 Ph.D students and over 40 Masters students. In 1991, being a pupil of Dr. Park, Prof. Seung-Ki Sul succeeded the established laboratory as head advisor. And in 1995, Prof. Bo Hyung Cho left his previous faculty position at Virginia Tech to found the Power Electronics Systems Laboratory while joining as a member of the faculty at Seoul National University. In the fall of 2010, Prof. Jung-Ik Ha, who received his Ph.D under Prof. Sul, joined the SNU faculty to once again widen the studies of power electronics at SNU. As of December 2010, the three professors and laboratories came together to officially form a united power electronics research center, SPEC, to yet again advance one step further ahead in the field of power electronics.


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